Deridex Admin

During the years of developing different websites, we come up with our own Content Management System.

Most popular systems were proven to be "not enough," especially for projects with large and individually designed databases — almost all our projects are like this with some small exceptions.

That's why the goal was to generate something which looks and behaves familiarly while serves a different purpose. For example, the racing results database at Racinghub.Net is very different from the one at Browse City. However, user account management is pretty much the same. So at some point, it became a user management module — the same one we install to everybody.

We install Deridex Admin as a default CMS for our clients. Modular design allows us to tune it up in correspondence with the specific requirements of a website and its services. And the shared core guarantees updates and security, hence we never stop working on the system for our own.