Racinghub.Net is an interactive motorsport history database and community website for motorsport fans and enthusiasts. At the moment, the site covers the following series: Formula One, NASCAR Sprint Cup, Moto Grand Prix, Formula E, IndyCar and ChampCar. The database of the website contains results for every driver and team ever participated in the racing events in the championships listed above.

Visitors of the website can register as users of sign in using their Social Network accounts. After signing in, users can use all the interactive features of Racinghub.Net. Users can comment on different website contents, upload images and videos, interact with each other, create their blogs and gain or lose reputation points for their actions.

Information on the website is linked by a unique tag-system that allows its visitors to find information in a couple of clicks. Today, Racinghub.Net represents the most massive motorsport history database and still growing.


The tag system is the general feature of the website. Since everything is linked together, there is no way for information to be lost. Besides, media data such as photos, videos and comments could be shared and additionally tagged.

To ease the website maintenance process and involve its users, even more, we created a user reputation system. Reputation allows the administration to grant different rights to users, depending on their reputation numbers. The system records every user action and awards reputation points. Those points can be in positive and negative numbers.

Low user reputation leads to certain action restrictions starting with disabling user's ability to comment and ending up with user ban. A high user reputation allows users to participate in different contests and community development.