Browse City

Browse City is a new and continuously growing web portal for individuals and business communities based in Canada and the US. This project was created to ease access to online opportunities for new and growing small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the general public.

Browse City allows users to promote their goods and services, create online catalogues and business pages, announce events or sales, and post job offers. By gathering everything in one place, the portal opens additional opportunities for businesses and people.

From the technical point of view, Browse City represents a unique piece of software integrated with different kinds of API, payment systems and phone services. The future development plan of the project includes collaboration with government, commercial and non-commercial organizations.

The website is fully optimized to work with all the possible devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops and workstations. It is free to use and will stay this way as long as it exists. You are welcome to register and try it out by yourself by following this link:

If you have any comments or ideas about additional features, please share, them; we will be pleased to hear from you. Your feedback is vital to us!