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Target audience

The conventional concept of the target audience was invented by marketologists to justify budgets in front of their superiors. In other words, it's bullshit — there is no such thing as a target audience.


Here is a simple self-identification #lifehack: call yourself not the way you are today, but the way you are planning to become tomorrow...

Importance of backups

I'm sure you have read about the importance of backing up your data a thousand times already. I am not going to say that I didn't.

Funny resume words

Have you ever heard about new job title terms such as UI or UX professionals? No? Meanwhile, these particular words (alongside many other warlock spells) are so widespread in resumes...

The truth about your boss

Curiously that so many people, especially poets and sculptors, chant the keystone as a unique element of an arch. Reality is a bit different, though, since all the stones in an arch are keystones — they have the identical function and carry the equivalent load.

Go forward, not backwards

A long time ago, people used oil lamps to illuminate the streets. Nobody ever tried to style those to look like a cave torch. It was a cast-iron pillar with an oil burner on top. They decorated it with an ornament because it looked better that way, but that was everything they ever did.

The Internet is for porn

Beware! Image stock libraries are getting closer and closer to porn. Promotion tours, questionaries, free subscription offers! Just provide us with your credit card number. Please, please, please! And sometime later, boom! A 50 dollars bill.

Logotype meaning

Whenever a customer talks about logotype with a designer, if the logo represents the company values and business field, a designer may tell the customer to think about Mercedes, McDonald's, or a Christian cross.

Browse City

And the last, but not least: Browse City! This is our main project which was developed explicitly for the business community.

Dating Center

New generation web application with a shared user database. An attempt to make online dating even more accessible and cover as many people around as possible.

Deridex Admin

During the years of developing different websites, we come up with our own Content Management System.


An interactive motorsport history database and community website for motorsport fans and enthusiasts.

Nature Photos

When a picture worth a thousand words.

People in the Team

There is a straightforward method to understand if a person can be a valuable team member or not. Works like this: when you assembly a team, keep it quiet and observe how people do things.

Digital Cucumber Agency

Digital Cucumber agency represents a website design branch of Way Over Media Corporation.

Instead of Introduction

I prepared a long introductory post about all the projects we have in Way Over Media, about company plans. Today I decided that it can wait for a while to be released. I'll share a short story instead.