Target audience

The conventional concept of the target audience was invented by marketologists to justify budgets in front of their superiors. In other words, it's bullshit — there is no such thing as a target audience.

There are no reasons why people with specific characteristics would want to become costumers of a product or services that are aimed at them. Nine of ten dollars spent on such advertising go down the toilet. The rest, who were lucky, can't really explain why.

Take Louis Vuitton bags. It may seem that the target audience here is the most successful and wealthy people on the globe, looking to own something made by virgin's hands somewhere in Italy, in daylight.

But we all know that bags are made somewhere far away, in hot and moist Malaysian factories, while people who are buying those aren't that wealthy — hairstylists, housemaids, teachers and nurses. Can you imagine that someone will advertise Louis Vuitton to these people? Call me when it happens, please. I'll eat my shorts!