Go forward, not backwards

A long time ago, people used oil lamps to illuminate the streets. Nobody ever tried to style those to look like a cave torch. It was a cast-iron pillar with an oil burner on top. They decorated it with an ornament because it looked better that way, but that was everything they ever did.

Around a hundred years later, people came up with an electric lamp. Nobody tried to make it look like an oil lamp. Why, if electricity was in place already?

After another hundred years, the LED was invented! And now, everyone is trying to design it to look like an oil lamp. Why? Make something new. It doesn't mean it should look bad; you can put some flower ornaments on it since it will always be trendy. But why try to make it look like something from the past? Because it's simpler, someone already did that, so there is no struggle. Copy and paste. Nothing wrong except it means living in the past.

Inventing something new is tough. But it means living in the future. It is challenging, yes. But also exciting!