Funny resume words

Have you ever heard about new job title terms such as UI or UX professionals? No? Meanwhile, these particular words (alongside many other warlock spells) are so widespread in resumes...

Sometimes you look at the document and think: Oh my, this one can build the whole Internet, all alone!

Nobody can completely understand or explain the meaning of those terms. It just sounds valid, but what is hidden behind? It means wireframe moving. That's it! Meeting after meeting, day after day, when a manager, a project lead and the rest of the team sits somewhere and move those frames back and forth.
- From the top left corner to 10 pixels left.
- Or is it should be 20 pixels?
- I think 15 will do! Are we agreed?

Rinse and repeat at the next meeting.

I'm afraid to summarize how many hours were burnt because of those terms, how much money and coffee wasted! So, just in case you are going to apply with something very fancy in your resume, please don't.